Support Measure D with Your Vote and Your Advocacy!

We all know our Oakland Public Libraries are a vital community resource. They provide a safe after-school space for our children and teen-agers and provide resources that enable students to succeed. As budget cuts have eliminated library hours in many Oakland public schools, students are relying on Oakland Public Libraries now more than ever.

To protect our libraries, city leaders and library advocates have placed Measure D on the June 5 ballot. (Read full  Measure D text here.) All registered Oakland voters will be eligible to vote on the measure, and it will require a two-thirds yes vote to prevail. Without Measure D, our libraries face further closures. With Measure D, we can expand library hours to allow students, seniors and working families to access library services throughout the week.

How can I help the campaign?

Measure D will need two-thirds of the vote on June 5, and we’ll need your help getting there! Here’s how you can help:

  2. Go to the campaign website, ProtectOaklandLibraries.org, and click the DONATE button at upper right to help us pay for campaign essentials, such as yard signs, phone-banking and mailers.
  3. Request a yard/window sign at ProtectOaklandLibraries.org.
  4. Publicly endorse Measure D on the campaign website and tell your friends why you’re voting YES.
  5. Volunteer to support Measure D. We’ll need volunteers four nights a week to make phone calls to undecided voters, and we have other volunteer opportunities as well. You can do this at ProtectOaklandLibraries.org, too.
  6. VOTE YES ON MEASURE D! It’s the most important, so we’ve listed it twice.

What will Measure D do?

  • Prevent library closures and extend hours on evenings and weekends to better accommodate students, seniors and working families.
  • Provide safe places for children and teens to do their homework and participate in after-school programs.
  • Maintain youth reading programs.
  • Keep libraries safe and welcoming.
  • Provide literacy services.

How are taxpayers protected?

  • Measure D will enact a parcel tax of only $75 per year and include exemptions for low-income seniors and very low-income households.
  • An oversight committee comprised of community members will ensure that funds are spent properly to support our libraries.
  • Measure D will sunset after 20 years.
  • Funds will be subject to ongoing audits.


For more information, visit www.ProtectOaklandLibraries.org or email ProtectOaklandLibraries@gmail.com.