Brookfield Library plays a crucial role in the life of the Brookfield Village community. Located next to the large Brookfield Elementary School, it is a safe place for children to congregate after school. Being located in the East Oakland Senior Center, it offers seniors a place to get books, movies and magazines for free. It also offers one of the few places in the City of Oakland where seniors and children can interact socially. Its collection of Spanish language materials help families read together and all ages learn English. Its programs with Headstart help expose its youngest citizens to the joys of reading.

This is a poor community filled with citizens with huge hearts. It needs its library. The recent start of the Brookfield Literacy Zone project is just another example of how much this community needs and wants to read. As City Council President Reid has said, “This comprehensive plan will transform early learning systems through supportive partnerships and coordination among the business community, school districts, libraries, service providers, students, parents and volunteers armed with assessment mechanisms and clearer learning standards. This program will provide an enriched early learning experience.”

Oakland Public Library is an essential partner in the Brookfield Literacy Zone.

Please keep Brookfield Library’s doors open to all; give the families in Brookfield Village hope for a brighter future.

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  1. I got my very first library card at the Brookfield Branch, where I spent countless hours after school just sitting and reading, discovering and learning from all the valuable resources. It was a place of wonderment and excitement. As a former resident of Brookfield’s ‘Quiet Village’, the community that I once knew very well seems to have not changed much, in that it is still underserved by the city government. I completely realize how much this library is needed in this location and how much it means to the citizens of this particular community to keep the library open. The state of California builds jails when they foresee students not graduating from high school or graduates with reading competency far below required grade level. Closing the Brookfield Branch will be a serious blow to a community already struggling to stay on par with other economically advanced communities. I implore you, please do not close this branch. When will we become a nation and a community that values the education of the populace? Shame on you, Mayor Quan!

  2. Kay Design says:

    We need to keep all our libraries OPEN. Knowledge is power.

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