Temescal Branch & Tool Lending Library

Temescal Branch has approximately 29,000 books, compact disks, videos, DVDs, audio books, audiocassettes, magazines and newspapers for all ages. Circulating materials are largely of popular interest, with a strong emphasis on fiction and home repair, maintenance, decorating and gardening in the adult collection. This is the only branch with books in the Amharic and Tigrinya languages. The Children’s and Teen collections provide materials for school projects and personal interests.

Brian Dodson, TLL Patron:

The tool lending library has helped me on so many countless projects I have absolutely lost count. I left Oakland for four years in college, and to truly appreciate its importance people should try to live without it. Fortunately for me it was only a temporary loss because it was still thriving when I returned to Oakland, but I can’t imagine it being permanently closed down. Please do whatever you can to keep this open because, as anyone who has used the library will tell you, it is an amazingly invaluable resource.

Teresa More, TLL Friend:

Absolutely love my branch!! Been in Temescal for 6 years and bought a place 3 years ago… part of what made us fall in love with our now-home… it’s proximity to the library. Save Oakland Libraries! Save the ONLY tool library in the city!

Erik Hoffman, TLL Patron:

As an Oakland home-owner, the Tool Lending Library has been an incredible resource! We’ve borrowed jack-hammers, concrete saws, gardening tools, and a million other things — tools we are greatly relieved we don’t have to buy, but own collectively. This is one of the more important things I want my tax dollars to be spent on: things that make our lives easier. (And, note, I love the book/cd/dvd library, too.)

Robert Trujillo, TLL Friend:

Peace, my name is Robert Trujillo and I’m an illustrator/muralist from Oakland California. I have greatly benefited from the tool lending library. I have been an artist for the majority of my life and when I learn a new technique it helps me grow. I often use my artwork to promote health through positive messages. I have branched out from my two dimensional art and every time I’ve needed a tool to help me do that or build something I have depended on the Oakland Tool Lending Library to help me. I value their presence and so do the many people I see there every time I go. I want the library to stay!


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